10 Post-Wedding Thoughts

Getting married last November was the best day of my life; the day I said I Do to life forever with my best friend. Since then friends and family have asked how married life is; if it’s any different? No, I say, because overall nothing has really changed, as far as our relationship and our lives go. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t had butterflies as I look down and admire my engagement ring, that now has a new bestie, or that I don’t spend hours looking through our wedding photos, as I still get used to my new surname. After a 6 month engagement everything slowed down just after one day, following which I’ve definitely had a hell of a lot of different thoughts.


1/ What did I even do in my spare time before wedding planning?

This might be because we had a crazy whirlwind 6 month engagement, but for a good month or so after I really questioned what I did with my time before. Did we watch way too much tele, did I read, did I see friends more, did we eat out more? Seriously, I’m struggling to remember.

2/ Why did no one warn me of what a ball ache it is to change your last name?

It would be really handy if when you sign the register that it’s all done for you. Your name automatically changes. But, no, unless you do itself you’ll remain known as your maiden name. Which leads me onto…

3/ Identity crisis

Let me put it like this: I rang to book a doctors appointment and couldn’t remember if I’d changed my name with them. When they asked my name I paused for a minute, and took a 50/50 chance. I’m literally living a double life.

4/ Did we really get married? 

After honeymoon we went back to the same routine, the same lives as before. It was only the extra ring on my finger, hugging my engagement ring, that changed – the reminder.

5/ Shit. I’m married.

OMG. I’m married. WHAT THE FUCK. I’m a Mrs, a wife. I feel old.

6/ I didn’t practice my signature.

I hadn’t practiced or thought about my new signature. I’d had so much to do that I hadn’t even considered this, and then all of a sudden as I started changing my name people wanted a signature from me. And then, I still automatically sign in my maiden signature. Identify crisis strikes again.

7/ What do I do with all the wedding ‘stuff’

I’m talking the 100s (only slight exaggeration) of tea light holders, the bunting, fairy lights, spare confetti, table plan. I don’t want to sell them. But I can’t keep them all. For now lets just leave them in the spare room..

8/ How did I fit wedding planning in?

Now that it’s been a few months I’m actually wondering how I did it all. Where did I find the time? Did I just not see anyone or do anything but research table plans, shopping for the right table confetti, bridal shoes, the perfect shade of bridesmaid dresses, for 6 months?

9/ I miss the wedding planning.

I still have wedding related Facebook pages popping up on my timeline, my Pinterest a reminder of how our wedding day developed. I miss making that research into a reality, searching eBay for the perfect centrepiece, finding the perfect bridal gifts and deciding on the flowers, cake, decorations. Most of all I miss trying on my wedding dress. I miss that goddamn dress.

10/ Can we do it all over again?

It’s true what everyone says, the day will go so quick that it’ll all blur. I would love nothing more than to do the whole day from start to finish all over again. It was the most perfect, magical, fairytale of a day that I’ll remember every little detail of forever.


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  1. 21st February 2017 / 12:58 pm

    Ahhaha love this. I’ll never do all of the wedding craziness but I kind of compare it to a Disney holiday for me. Months of planning, lots of fun, over in the blink of an eye and then it’s like…did I really even go? When can I go again? lol!!
    I don’t envy you though. I know many people enjoy it all but it just sounds so stressful to me. The name thing is super funny…on your 50/50 choice with the doctors, did you guess right??


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