2017 Goals

Although I kinda wish I wasn’t this way, I’m a complete sucker for the whole “new year, new you” after over-indulging way too much over the festive period. I’m the kind of person who has to start a diet on a Monday, and if I have a bad Monday basically write the whole week off. By New Years Eve I’ve usually had enough of the Christmas chocolates; my jeans too tight and retired to the bottom of the wardrobe as I live in leggings.  This year is no exception, the Christmas food baby in full force with only 1/3 of my wardrobe fitting, and so the reason why I jump onto the January fresh start bandwagon. Mainly to feel better about myself, but also because I’m pretty sure my bank account won’t allow a whole new wardrobe.

So I’m here again setting new goals..

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Lose weight, but no more fad diets.

I’m done with the likes of Weight Watchers and Slimming World. I did both last year at different points, and although lost doing both after a couple of months, or even weeks, I was off track and soon found that I’d put all I’d lost (and probably more) back on. This year I’m starting the year with something different. I’m going to follow Joe Wicks / The Body Coach. One of my best friends lost 2 stone follow Joe Wicks last year, and as I’m keen to get back into a gym routine I think this is the best approach for me. I’m not going to set myself any sort of weight loss goal, but I am going to take my measurements and monthly pictures to track my progress. Ultimately I just want to feel better.

Improve my skincare.

I’ve always made sure I take off my makeup before bed, recently using a miceller water. But that’s it. There’d be no cleanser, toner or moisturiser in there. Going back to probably November I’ve had bad skin, with regular breakouts, which although I know is mostly put down to my diet, I’m sure isn’t made better by the major lack of skincare. After some research I’ve invested into the Good Things range, which is made from natural ingredients and reviews claim are perfect for oily skin such as mine. No7’s early defence eye cream has also been added into my skincare, something considering I’m joining the 3-0 club next year I figured I couldn’t really ignore any longer. And although it’s only been a few days, I’m already noticing a difference using my new skin routine that actually involves a deep clean exfoliator, cleanser, toner and moisturiser – who knew!

Get back to the gym.

I hate to be such a cliche, but I had to list it. I really need to get back into a gym routine. I have this weeks classes all booked up, and planning to get back to going 3-4 times a week – which considering I’m now following Joe Wicks is quite crucial. I want to get into the mentality that I can have treats after a good workout, so I feel like I’ve earned them.

Write in my One Line a Day journal.

I bought my One Line a Day journal last year, and slacked majorly at filling it in. Which now I’m kicking myself about because I would love nothing more than reading back over the last year; to how I felt during the build up to the wedding, just general everyday but mostly my thoughts and feelings around the wedding day itself. This year I’m going to make an effort to write every night, and if I forget, or the cat loses the pen strategically placed on my bedside cabinet, I’ll replace the goddamn pen and make sure I catch up the following morning or evening. No slacking on this, Sarah!


This is a big one for me. Last year was an amazing year, but it was an expensive year. This year I need to save. I need to pay off my credit card and get my finances back on track. To aid with this I’m going to set myself mini monthly goals, where I’ll still allow myself the odd treat but ultimately curb any unnecessary spending. Let’s just hope that our friends like the cinema and the gym, the two monthly subs that I’ll be keeping!

Make more time for me.

By this I mean:
1/ Read more
2/ Have more (ideally weekly) bubble baths to really relax and have pamper time
3/ Put a face and hair mask on at least once a week
4/ Do my nails weekly
5/ Watch my girlie tv shows either while Aaron’s out or during said bubble bath (on the iPad)
6/ Blog more, no goals listed – just more


Have you set yourself any resolutions or goals for the year ahead?


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